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By providing fully integrated digital business and technology solutions across people, process, strategy and the C-suite, we’re redefining the way organizations are using technology and leveraging analytics — and transforming the way work gets done. We offer solutions across the full value chain — from digital strategy to organization design and workforce change — helping organizations move effortlessly into a digital future.

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Our research shows that 82% of business leaders will invest extensively in artificial intelligence (AI) in the next three years, yet only 17% are ready to manage workforce that comprises people, robots and AI. HR must be prepared to face these challenges: Adoption of AI, robotics and cognitive computing will have implications for organization design and will impact the talent needs of organizations — including talent sourcing and skills development.

Putting people at the heart of digital transformation.

For us, digital connection means human connection. With digital solutions that help companies engage their talent, meet changing workforce needs, and support their people in achieving better health and financial well-being, we’re making a difference in the health, wealth and careers of more than 110 million people around the world.

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Technology disrupts and empowers. To keep pace with the speed of innovation and maximize their advantage, businesses must evolve quickly.

But most executives say they’re not doing enough to address the challenges technology poses or to realize its benefits. In fact, only 7% of executives say their organization is digital.*

As digital disruption continues to reinvent the way we work, we’re helping businesses move ahead — and stay ahead — through fully integrated digital solutions that empower their people and fuel their business strategy.

*Source: Mercer 2017 Global Talent Trends research.

Our strategic innovations


CPSG Partners

Global HR business and IT systems integration

Enabling organizations to transform their HR and finance businesses by partnering with Workday for cloud-based services with Workday Financial Management and Human Capital Management.

Thomsons Online Benefits

Leading-edge global benefits platform

Providing organizations with a common yet locally tailored employee benefits platform that delivers the latest in engagement, design, analytic insights, and administrative efficiency and support.


Next-generation compensation data and software solutions

Mercer & PayScale provide new technology platforms to ease the transition to a digital future through an unparalleled combination of compensation consulting, information products, data science and technology expertise.

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Cloud-based solutions for transforming HR Service Delivery, including Case and Knowledge Management, Employee Service Centre, Enterprise Onboarding and Transitions

Using ServiceNow’s forward-looking technology platform, Mercer supports organizations in their digital journey and design of service delivery.

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Talent Tech Labs

Innovative talent acquisition technologies

The only startup accelerator specifically focused on innovative talent acquisition technologies, providing a front-line view of the most promising new firms and emerging technologies in recruiting.


On-demand transition and 
outplacement services

Software solutions that are revolutionizing social, on-demand transition services for today’s workforce through social recruitment and virtual outplacement.

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We’re helping organizations move effortlessly into a digital future, while ensuring their people thrive.

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